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Our Philosophy.

Our philosophy of Web design is to keep it simple and effective. From its earliest days the Internet was intended for communication. We believe in doing that first! All the bells and whistles are pretty to look at, but if they gobble up bandwidth, hide the focus of what you are trying to communicate, or cause the viewer to click through your site, then you've lost before you've had a chance to begin. Not everyone has high speed access or the newest hardware and software to view your pages, and you have precious few seconds to make yourself known to a prospective client.

We design our pages to be intuitive, clean, and simple to navigate. The user will never get lost in a maze of page links or wonder where she is. We work for your bottom line, and even where higher-demand techniques are called for, we'll do it in such a way so as not to detract from your image or frustrate the visitor.

Product or message focus is always our top priority. You can rest assured that at AquilaTec we will do our best to understand you, your message, and your target. Remember, our name goes on the final result, and we want to leave viewers impressed with what they've seen and learned, for your sake and ours!

View some of our work here.