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We got started with computers back in 1986. It began as a hobby to help friends and neighbors and eventually developed into a secondary job title for an overseas mission group. For nearly eighteen years most of our work was to design, build, and repair systems used by missionaries on their respective fields of service. By 1997 the job title had expanded to include Web design and hosting, primarily for multinational mission organizations. Though those assignments continue even until today, we've grown to include other organizations and businesses as diverse as local congregations, construction firms, insurance agencies, food services, authors, and broadcasters.

The name "AquilaTec" (pronounced a-kee'-la-tek) came about as we assisted a group of nationals in their home country to start up a computer business. "Aquila" was chosen, because this is the Spanish name of an early Christian who supported his family by making tents. "Tec" was added on for the obvious reason.

The frog logo was selected because the name of their home city means "place of frogs" in one of the ancient dialects.

It's been an adventure to work with exciting technology and interesting folks from around the world. Though most of what we now do happens within the United States, we are still called on from time to time to assist with special technical needs in far away corners of the world.

A little bit about AquilaTec.